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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dear Kelly,

Hurricane Katrina sure as hell puts my life in perspective. My heart goes out to each and every person on the Gulf Coast.

Because it's hard for me to take myself seriously in a week where a portion of our country is suffering extreme devastation, I'll just go for some silly stuff on stress. As you know, Kelly, daily stress can really kill our creative side.

My top five stress busters:

1) A good book. The best one I've read lately— AIN'T SHE SWEET by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. The conflict is a little silly, but the book is amusing!
2) A good movie. Loved THE WEDDING CRASHERS
3) Chocolate. Last chocolate—M&M's. I actually sent my son to the store to buy a big bag of M&Ms for the family. Something I never do because I am big on Self Control. (Oh stop laughing, I have SOME self control).
4) Friends. From a quick e-mail, or a day of lunch and shopping, friends mean I never have to be lonely. I only have to reach out to touch happiness, joy, laughter and companionship.

My top five stress inducers:

1) Being on hold on the phone. Then making me listen to music while on hold.
2) Charging me $140.00 to deliver a $59.99 item. Oh and even better, refusing to tell me how much the delivery cost will be until AFTER I place the order. Then, when I call to cancel, actually having the gall to ask my why! Seriously, you're asking me? You can't look at the numbers and do the math? And for the love of Sanity, turn off the hellish hold music!
3) Rude people + Cell phones. There should be a law that forbids rude people from having cell phones. And why do they have to YELL into the cell phone?
4) The TV News where I learn about frivolous lawsuits. Makes me crazy. Five o'clock News = a glass of wine in my house. How else can I cope with rampant stupidity and greed?
5) Insurance. This week's four hour headache was courtesy of Dental Insurance who needed to know the name of my son's college. Since they didn't have the name, they denied coverage of his checkup. Period. Just denied it with a snarky paragraph in capital letters about not receiving required information on the patient. NOTE TO INSURANCE—if you want further information, you have to ASK ME. I am not a mind reader! I don't know by osmosis! Send a request through the US Postal Service just like you sent the dandy claim denials! Or hey, send an email, or call me! But nooooo….you put me through two phone calls (see #1 above) and at least twenty nine minutes of listening to my husband rant and rave to resolve it. Wait did I say resolve? What I meant to say is that they will REVIEW it and send me a notice whenever they damn well feel like it to let me know if they will actually pay the claim, or if I will need to spend countless hours going to through voice mail options and hold music to see if a real live person wants to actually do their freaking job!

Whew! I think I need to review my own stress-busters!

What about you Kelly? What drives your crazy? How do you de-stress?



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