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Okay, we're not really stalking her (please don't call the FBI), but this blog was born out of the frustration of trying to get our books NOTICED when there is a sea of books published every year. If you can't change it, at least you can laugh about it....

Friday, June 24, 2005

Dear Kelly,

Have you ever tried to sell words? Seriously, who buys words? Well sure, contestants on Wheel of Fortune buy vowels, but your average person doesn't call their best friend and say, "Hey, let's go word-shopping!

It doesn't quite have the same ring as shoe-shopping, now does it?

You see, Kelly, I'm an author with a mystery series, and the books are selling okay. But not great. Not fabulous. Not like…

A Kelly Ripa Author!

I want to be a Kelly Ripa Author! My books are perfect for you—full of sex, murder and humor. I just know that if you read my series, you'll love it.

So Kelly, how many books shall I send you? Should I start shoe-shopping for my TV appearance?


Jennifer Apodaca—Desperate to be a Kelly Ripa Author!

P. S. You can see more about me at my website,


  • At 1:22 PM, Blogger Manic Mom said…

    I'm just desperate to have a body like Kelly's. She's got three kids; I've got three kids. She's got a hot husband; I've got a hot husband. It only makes sense that I should have a HOT body too (and a career like hers wouldn't be bad either, but I'll settle for a couple of published books!) LOL

  • At 7:24 PM, Blogger Linda Rucker said…

    Dear Kelly, it is my understanding that 'chick-lit'(the genre, not the little gum pieces) is really big now.I have a slight problem with that, my book isn't chick-lit, it's more like hen lit, or middleaged lit? Anyway, I wrote the thing with very high expectations: one being that Oprah would pick it up, peruse it and just go ga-ga over my characters and feature it as a book club selection. Being very loyal to Oprah, I have read all of the books she chose for her book club selection, even the ones that left me scratching my head and saying "huh?" But then she dumped us for the likes of Steinbeck and Pearl S Buck. Okay, they're good, really they are, but I read God's Little Acre and Of Mice and Men back when Hector was a pup. So, I'd venture to say has anyone who loves to read.
    So now, all of us unknown authors have no champion and we'd like to offer you the position.
    We understand that you love to read, that you highly recommend the books you choose and that people listen to you and your recommendations and actually go out and buy the books.
    With that in mind, we the unknown, but really good authors are offering you this once in a lifetime opportunity to become the champion of the unknown, the hero of the under appreciated. It is a great opportunity for you to leave your mark, not only on society, but on our pocketbooks as well.
    I'd love to tell you that as artists, we are only concerned with getting our work read and appreciated, but, most of us do not have that luxury. We, like you, are in it for the bucks. A little recognition for our hard work, and a big atta boy/girl for a job well done.
    So, please accept our offer to represent us in the dog eat dog world of publishing and help us out.
    I'll even go so far as to offer my novel, "What the Heart Wants" ISBN 1-592686-125-3 for your first pick.
    Whaddaya say Kelly (Haley) I watched you daily on AMC, I'm a huge fan of yours and I'd be tickled to death to have you as a fan of mine.
    What have you got to lose?
    Keep reading and we'll..
    Keep writing,
    Linda L Rucker

  • At 3:50 PM, Blogger Allison Brennan said…

    Oh, Jen ... Kelly would SOOOOO love your books. Sigh. They are right up her alley.

    Mine aren't. Mine are dark and scary. My only hope of being recognized by someone as sweet and cheerful as Kelly Ripa is to say, hey, I wrote five books while working full-time and raising five kids ...

  • At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Kelly!!! not only am I a Jennifer Apadoca fan but I watch Live too!! So I would be thrilled to see Reading with Ripa brought back and have Jennifer on as a guest. Hey Gelman! Bring Jennifer on as a guest if you aren't bringing back the segment!!

  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    I think It would be fun Kelly chalaging that talk show Elizabeth on the View. should it be mentally or a fisicle chalang? Dont get me wrong I like both.
    thank you, lisa t


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