Bring Back Reading with Ripa--Stalking Kelly Ripa

Okay, we're not really stalking her (please don't call the FBI), but this blog was born out of the frustration of trying to get our books NOTICED when there is a sea of books published every year. If you can't change it, at least you can laugh about it....

Monday, June 27, 2005

Dear Kelly,

So many people want Reading with Ripa back! Since you've put the reading program on hiatus, it just hasn't been the same. We miss selections like Carly Phillips' sexy bachelors or Vickie Lewis Thompson's hot nerds (I sounds like an oxymoron).

Without Reading for Ripa, the unchecked media (fueled by the cable news channels) have jumped in to fill the void with sheer TACKINESS. They don't look for authors who've written a good book. They consider that formula passe.

Here is their formula:
1) Wait for some someone to do something stupid, questionable, a little illegal or immoral.
2) Make them the non-stop news story for endless days, weeks, even months if they can get enough play. (Like say, the mistress of a murdered!)
3) After wringing out every second of nauseating news coverage from them, add in a facilitator like Gloria Allred to secure that multi-buck book deal and movie rights.
4) Then give the book and movie tons of free publicity.

For example, The Runaway Bride, Amber Fry, Monica Lewinsky...I could go on and on!

So please, Kelly, bring Reading with Ripa back to us! We need your good taste and charm to save us!

Best Regards,

P.S. I just happen to have a couple books (four books and a novella!) that might fit your excellent taste in selections!


  • At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Cele said…

    Now here's a thought, maybe she read the likes of Monica Lewinsky and Amber Fry, and now she just can't take it anymore. Can't look a book in the cover jacket. Or maybe not.

    I think a book burning is simply the best way to get the world's attention and a little notoriety of your own. Plus it will get the attention of Kelly, who will call you and give you the chance to bemoan the loss of Reading with Ripa, goading her to resume her worthwhile perusal of your note worthy pages.

    What can it hurt, send an annonous letter about your book to the Cornshuckers Friday Bookstudy about the burning. All thirty members will have to buy the book to burn it, send the letter to the Cornshuckers Weekly Gazette, and voila' you're a star.


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