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Okay, we're not really stalking her (please don't call the FBI), but this blog was born out of the frustration of trying to get our books NOTICED when there is a sea of books published every year. If you can't change it, at least you can laugh about it....

Monday, June 27, 2005

Dear Kelly Ripa,

Well, imagine my disappointment when I learned you no longer PICK Kelly Ripa books. What is up with that? And don’t try to make this about me, and not doing the research or even just being up on current events enough to know you weren’t doing it. I’m a writer. I spend most of my days with my fingers glued to the keyboard. There just isn’t television watching time during the day.

You know, once I watched this show with a writer, and she lived a pretty glamorous life. Lunches, and bons bons, and champagne receptions. That might even have been the time I decided to become a writer. Boy was I fooled. DO NOT ever make life plans based on television. And in the meantime, nobody is doing that dirty laundry piling up! But I digress.

You know, just because you don’t do the Reading with Ripa books anymore does NOT mean you can’t start again.

We need you, girlfriend.

What is it going to take? I don’t have a lot of cash, and my children are kind of whiny and not very helpful around the house, plus one is almost 13 and she has head-spinning, pea-soup spewing episodes at least twice a day, so I think you won’t want them.

In short, all I really have to offer is a great book with great reviews and edge-of-your-seat suspense. Give it a chance and you’ll see.

Just give the word, and I’ll get the book in the mail. I’ll sign it, send bon bons, and even including the pea-soup spewing daughter if you are so inclined.

Waiting for the word….

Natalie R. Collins


  • At 5:16 AM, Blogger Gena Showalter said…

    Dear Kells,
    Is it okay if I call you Kells? I’m beginning a new book and am willing to name the main character (who is gorgeous, smart, sexy, wonderful, fashionable, and has super powers) Kelli/Kelly. In return, all I ask is that you pick the book (or any of my books, for that matter) for your book club… What do you say? I’m not afraid to beg.
    gena showalter

  • At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Cele said…

    The bon bons should be a great enticement, I'm sure Kelly is the type that doesn't have to worry about the calories...yet.

    Your book shouldn't need to come with a bribe, but hey, in this day and age what can it hurt. Maybe you should send a box for Mark too.

    Maybe you should begin an archive of endorsements from Wives & Sisters believers and happy readers to help the bon bons along.


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